Innovations in Scholarly Communication survey - dashboard Utrecht University

This interactive dashboard shows the 502 responses from Utrecht University to the 2015-2016 survey Innovations in Scholarly Communication. The survey asked about tool usage for 17 research activities and stance towards open access and open science.

The three links below lead to charts with the results. All results can be filtered by discipline, research role, career stage and country. For more detailed analysis, use the 'Explore' link under each chart title. This enables you to change the chart type and parameters, and add additional filters to see what tool combinations people use. You can also generate your own charts using the 'Explore' tab at the top of the screen.

Please be kind on this Silk - it is crunching a lot of data and displaying the charts may take some time.


Research activities

Open Access  / Open Science


Full survey data on Zenodo:

Full description of survey data in F1000Research:

All information on the '101 Innovations' project:

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